Match Report
Fettes College U15A XI vs  RGS, Newcastle
On: Saturday, 02 Sep 2017
Venue: at Home

Newcastle had the first centre pass and got off to a strong start and in the first third, the team managed to hold their structure and keep calm and controlled with some good passes and frequent opportunities on goal. Unfortunately, the second half wasn’t as good as fatigue set in and our play began to get sluggish and lost its structure. But in the final third, after some useful coaching tips, we seemed more motivated and really worked well as a team to give us a final score of 1-0 to Fettes (goal scored by Anna C). As this was our first match it gave us great insight into how our team was operating but also showed that we have a lot to work on, especially positioning and keeping the ball on the right hand side of the pitch to play to our advantage (this should come with time), but a great start to the season. The MVP was Isabella S.