Match Report
Fettes College 1st XI vs  Michael Ham School, Nordelta, Argentina
On: Tuesday, 05 Sep 2017
Venue: at Home

We were completely unsure of the level this team would play at, however managed to play most of the game at our own level. Once we were used to the style they played in, we managed to stay composed and use the full width of the pitch, which made our attacking much stronger. Rosie U was great at controlling the centre of the pitch and distributing the ball accurately. Our shorts corners are strong for the beginning of the season and therefore looking promising. Our attacking is getting better as we manage to link more as a team, in this match we managed to convert one great strike from the top of the D by Iona H, however we are still practicing this in training. The defence, despite being a new mix of players, managed to keep possession well with strong accurate passes. After the match, we enjoyed a match tea and chatting with the Argentinian team. The MVP was Cara M.