Match Report
Fettes College U12A vs  Hoe Bridge School Girls-U11A
On: Friday, 07 Feb 2020
Venue: tbc

The U12As excitedly met on the Sutcliffe Astro to play two touring school at netball.

First, we played Hoe Bridge. We quickly realised that they were a well-practised team, with set plays and codes. In the first third, they held most of the possession, and won 4-1.

We worked on keeping our passes flat, and marking more tightly in defence. The second third was also 4-1 to Hoe Bridge.

Mrs Quaile encouraged us to play 'our netball' and work the circle to feed into the shooters. We managed to do this in the final third, though Hoe Bridge pulled ahead 6-2. The final score was 14-4 to Hoe Bridge.