Match Report
Fettes College Colts B vs  Dollar Academy
On: Saturday, 01 Oct 2022
Venue: Away

We came to Dollar and won 34-0, it was a tough game, they were a valiant opposition. The first half was tough only scoring one try but we defended well, the second half was a different story we continuously put pressure on their defence and eventually we broke it and ended up scoring 5 trys. The try scorers were Tom Masson, Andrew Rushbrook, Alec Waugh, Edgar Fisher-Wingate and Arthur Hadfield. Everybody on the field played amazingly, and it was hard to decide just one man of the match, honourable mentions go out to, Alberto Fox with amazing defending and attacking and Andrew Rushbrook, with great aggression near the try line getting him a try. MVP – Edgar Fisher-Wingate and Arthur Hadfield.